Chevalier Jackson

Chevalier Jackson, ABEA Founder
From the collection of Steven Zeitels, MD

The American Broncho-Esophagological Association (ABEA) is a society of physicians, researchers and allied professionals who share their expertise in Broncho-Esophagology and meet annually for scholarly presentations on matters relevant to the science and practice of their specialty.

The ABEA convenes each spring for a scientific meeting in which original research is presented to an international audience, in conjunction with other otolaryngology subspecialty societies under the auspices of COSM (Combined Otolaryngolgy Spring Meeting).

In addition, the ABEA has endowments for several named lectures given at the annual meeting by noteworthy speakers in bronchoesophagology and allied fields. Continuing medical education courses have also been sponsored by the association. The ABEA is active in the generation of practice guidelines, and in ongoing national efforts related to coding and reimbursement.