Join the ABEA

Applications and supporting documents for ABEA Membership are due January 31st.

Individuals who wish to become members of the association must be proposed and seconded by ABEA members and obtain letters of support, among other requirements. Applications and supporting documents (including sponsor letters) are due no later than January 31st.

Please contact the ABEA offices at the American College of Surgeons, for more information. Residents and fellows may apply for a special class of membership prior to their being eligible for full active membership, see below for more information about this option.

There are seven classes of membership in the ABEA:

Active Members: The only class permitted to vote and hold office. The application will require two ABEA member sponsor letters of support, two local physician letters the applicant works with that can attest to the applicants ethics. Three copies of publications in which the applicant was a senior author, CV, and a recent photo.

Requirements for Active Membership:

The Applicant must be a graduate of medicine, a diplomate of the recognized American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), engaged for three years or more in the active practice of their specialty, and one who by endoscopic skill and scientific ability has proven qualified as a Broncho-Esophagologist.

The Applicant shall demonstrate their expertise in Broncho-Esophagology, Laryngology, Gastro-Enterology, Pulmonology, Thoracic Diseases and/or related disciplines by submitting three articles authored by him/her addressing such areas of expertise. Presentation of evidence of the Applicant's professional experience and operative skills is the obligation of the applicant and local physicians recommending them.

The proposal of an individual for active membership shall be by written recommendation to the Council from two active members, preferably practicing and residing in the community where the Applicant practices and resides. In addition, two additional letters of recommendation are required from two local physicians attesting to the Applicant's ethics and competency.

  • Associate Members: Practitioners in associate specialties. Upon submission of your application, you will need two letters from ABEA sponsors supporting you for membership in the organization.

The research-based Applicant must have earned a degree from a recognized graduate program and have engaged in organized research for three or more years with substantive contributions to the literature.

Other applicants in allied health fields must have earned degrees from respective Graduate programs, been in practice for three or more years, and have contributed significantly to advances in Laryngology and Broncho-esophagology.

Applicants shall be physicians, researchers or allied professionals in allied specialties who are actively associated with Broncho-Esophagology.

  • International Members: Prohibited by geographical location from regular attendance to meetings. Upon submission of the application for membership, two letters of proposal should be submitted - one from an ABEA Council Member and one from an ABEA Active Member. The proposal of an Applicant for International membership shall be made by a member of the Council and seconded by an Active Member. These proposals should be in writing and submitted with your application.

  • Senior Members: Former active, associate, or international members who may request after 25 years of membership or after reaching age 65 to be relieved by the Council of the duties and prerogatives of their membership class.

  • Honorary Members: Individuals who have contributed in a unique way to Broncho-Esophagology, or whom the ABEA confers a special honor.

  • Post-Graduate Members: Individuals who are not yet eligible for active membership, but are interested in participating with the ABEA. Post-Graduate members applicants should be a graduate from an accredited training program by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). A letter from your Chair or Program Director and one ABEA Active member are required when you submit your application.

  • Resident Members: Residents and fellows in training who are not yet eligible for Post-Graduate membership, but are interested in participating with the ABEA. A letter from your current Program Director/Department Chair is required upon submission of your application.

Email ABEA Headquarters for additional information at